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Roof Replacement In Greenville SC

Replace Your Existing Roof Or New Construction

Greenville Roof Repair is a leader in residential roof replacement. We offer the service of a strong local company with a solid history of installing quality roofs at competitive prices to all our clients. We have had many repeat clients and have strong relationships with all of them.

Roof Replacement in Greenville SC – The Cost have steadily risen over the last few years and have averaged out to about 6000 dollars for a full roof replacement. The minimum value seems to be falling at just under 5000 dollars and the highest prices paid are usually around 7000 – 10,000 dollars

If your roof has incurred damage from weather related storms or other reasons, give us a call today and get your free roof evaluation and a quote! 

roof replacement in Greenville

Residential Roof Replacement In Greenville – The Process 

If you are completely replacing a roof several steps must be taken to ensure the job is done professionally and safely. Part of keeping abreast of the requirements for a roof replacement in the Greenville area is to stay mindful of the steps that must be taken.

Roof Tear-off

A roof tear-off requires that you totally remove the old roof and install a new one from the bottom up. This is what is done on most of the older houses that are found in Greenville, especially when the underlayment has deteriorated beyond repair. This is a time-consuming process and may be require the homeowner or occupant leave the premises for a short period of time.

If the roof has previously been roofed over it is the only option and to replace it the roof must be completely torn off. 

Roof Over

For roofs which have not suffered extensive underlayment damage, the option to overlay the old roof with new shingles. This is the method that many roofing contractors will use to save the structural integrity of the roof. This can be very cost-effective, but will not be suitable if the integrity of the roof is in question. 

Does Home Insurance Cover the Cost?

Depending on your home owners insurance policy, many insurance providers will cover all or some of the cost of roof replacement, depending on how the damager was caused.  The best way to find out for sure is to contact your home insurer or the agent and ask them directly what they will and will not cover. 

Our Services

We offer a full range of roof replacement services which can deal with full roof replacement or repairing roofs made from a variety of materials.  Get in touch today to speak to a member of our team who can guide you in making the best choice to keep your roof safe.

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