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We Repair And Replace Flat Roofs In Greenville SC

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Commercial Replacement And Repair Of Flat Roofs In Greenville SC

Commercial Flat Roof Replacement And Repair In Greenville

Greenville Roofing & Repair first ventured into the realm of commercial roof replacement  commercial flat roofs in greenville scat the request of satisfied residential clients. They had a need for a commercial roofer and they had such a great experiences with us that they asked us to expand our business to include commercial roofing. Since then it has been a significant part of our business.

Our commercial division offers solutions and services for all commercial roof construction projects. We have successfully installed overlays on existing roofs, tear offs, repairs as well as new construction. We work with the business owners, roofing consultants, and architects to find the best roofing system to meet individual needs at the most competitive price!

We are certified installers for multiple roofing manufacturers; this ensures that your roof is top quality and is guaranteed.

Our commercial roofing comprises of just some of the following;
*Commercial Roof Repair
*Commercial Roof Replacement
*Commercial Roofing Systems
*TPO Roof Systems
*Low Slope/Flat Roof

What is a Flat Roof Coating?

A flat roof is not like a sloping roof because it tends to be more prone to problems with water drainage, heat or cold expansion, and climate changes.  For this reason it is essential to apply a quality flat roof coating.

The flat roof covering protects against water. Usually, these roofs have a gravel layer on the surface to divert the water into the drains. Several types of flat roof coating must be used according to the  conditions.

Steps To Apply Roof Coatings:

Initially we clean the flat roof. Then we select the correct coating. We use a liquid coating and we install a rubber membrane.

How Often Flat Roof Coating Be Done?

Generally the materials on a flat roof have approximately 10 years of useful life. However, this time can be extended between 2 to 5 years when coating it properly and using superior materials.

Why You Need A Flat Roof Drainage System

Having a properly functioning drainage system for your flat roof will prevent costly property damage from the presence of water. Greenville Roofing & Repair use extreme care when installing a drainage system will prevent in order to prevent the appearance of mold, pests, erosion, humidity and gutter problems.

How We Execute Flat Roof Leak Repairs

It is very tricky locating leaks on a flat roof  because the water leaks tend to travel in different directions. Our years of experience working on roofs in the Greenville SC area have taught us how to find these water leaks quickly. Then we perform a roof inspection and apply various methods to try to verify the exact location of the leak.

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